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Svetlana Slapšak

Novel, 2018, Literarna zbirka Goga

How can one be a pacifist in times of war? Say in the nineties in Belgrade? A group of women, relatives and friends, save everything that can be saved … they hide their men from the draft, take care of the refugees from Bosnia, the sick, drug addicts, one after another. Because they oppose the official policy, they lose their friends and jobs, which is why the protagonist, Milica, works - anonymously - as a typist for a famous writer. The work is so agonizing that she relaxes by writing a novel under the influence of the Brontë sisters. And so, along the chronicles of Milica’s family and funny ironical fragments of the nationalist drivel, we also read a feminist love story.
Istomesečniki (Moon Siblings) is Svetlana Slapšak’s second novel, and it was published first in 2016 in Serbian (title: Ravnoteža). It was shortlisted for the NIN award and the Meša Selimović award, and it received the Golden sunflower award for the best Serbian fiction book of 2016.