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Mirt Komel

crime novel, 2018, Literarna zbirka Goga

The Sontius Notes is a detective novel adhering to the classical rules of the genre rather as one who tells the truth through falsehood, basically by breaking them, constantly skipping into the realms of other, related genre, psychological and philosophical fiction as well as coming-of-age stories or Bildungsroman. The reader is presented with the diary notes of the writer Erik Tlomm who finds himself in Sontius, a town set in an unspecified area of the Soča Valley in the northern Slovene Littoral. The local community, with which the protagonist co-exists more or less peacefully, is soon shaken by a terrible murder when the town belle is found stripped naked, tied to the lightning-struck lime tree in the middle of the main square. Due to the unusual nature of the case a female special detective Dante D is called in. Erik Tlomm enters into a Holmes-Watson relationship with her in order to expose the murderer hiding somewhere in town.