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Marko Vidojković in Goga's Writers Residence

Marko Vidojković in Goga's Writers Residence

Marko Vidojković was born in 1975 in Belgrade. He studied law.

He has published several novels; Ples sitnih demona (2001), Đavo je moj drug (2002), Pikavci na plaži (2003), Kandže (2004), Sve crvenkape su iste (2006), Hoću da mi se nešto lepo desi odmah (2009), Kandže 2: Diler i smrt (2012), Urednik (2014) and E baš vam hvala (2017); as well as two collections of short stories - Bog ti pomogo (2007) and Priče s dijagnozom (2015).

His stories were published in many newspapers and the following collections: Projekat Bukvoski, Podgoričke priče, Pričaj mi o ocu, Priče o Kosovu in Orlovi ponovo lete. His work has been translated to German, English, Bulgarian, Slovene, Macedonian, Hungarian, and Chech.

The novel Sve crvenkape su iste received the Vitalova award for best book published in 2016, while the novel Kandže received two awards, „Kočićevo pero“ and „Zlatni bestseler“. Both novels sold more than 20.000 copies.


His novel E baš vam hvala  was translated into Slovene, Croatian and Macedonian and was short listed for „Biljana Jovanović“ award, which is given by Serbian Literary Society. It was also short listed for „Fric!“ award. Since its publication it sold 23.000 copies.


In 2008, the Cultural Network of city Gradec granted Vidojković a month-long residential scholarship. During the month he participated in many regional and international literary fairs and events. Five times he participated at the festival KROKODIL, in 2008 he participated at the European short story Festival in Zagreb and Dubrovnik. In 2011 he was member of Serbian literary delegation at the Leipzig Book Fair, where Serbia was the country in focus.

Vidojković appeared alongside Miljenko Jergović in the documentary Dugo putovanje kroz istoriju, historiju i povijest and in the same year his first novel called Ples sitnih demona was put on stage.

He was an editor of  Maxim and Playboy magazines, as well as the Belgrade office of Croatian publishing house Profil and a columnist for portal BUKA. He is active as a musician and a host of televison shows. Currently he is co-author and host of satirical political TV show Dobar loš zao.

He is an active human rights activist.