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Julija Lukovnjak

Julija Lukovnjak (b. 2000) graduated with the highest grades from secondary school in Maribor (The Maribor Second Gymnasium) and in 2019 began studying comparative literature with literary theory and philosophy at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ljubljana. She got the idea for the character of Edgar Kaos, a human boy who is the only one able to save the land of Incrematera, and the creatures that secretly despise him, when she was only eleven. Over the next five years Edgar’s story developed into a magical epic of almost four hundred pages. Part one, The Imaginary Worlds of Edgar Kaos (Sanje, 2021), was merely an introduction into a dangerous and exciting magical adventure. It was followed by the second part, The World is a Shadow (of Edgar Kaos) (Goga, 2023). Over the coming years Julia hopes to complete the planned pentalogy.