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Nejc Gazvoda

Nejc Gazvoda was born in Novo Mesto in 1985. He has a degree in Film and Television Direction from the Ljubljana Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television. At the age of 19, he published his award-winning collection of short stories, Nothing Escapes the Squirrels (Vevericam nič ne uide), and has since published three novels. He has directed two feature films, A Trip (The Excursion / Izlet) and Dual (Dvojina), co-written a number of other film scripts, including Personal Baggage (Osebna prtljaga) and Class Enemy (Razredni sovražnik), and entered the world of theatre having directed the play Game (Divjad). His play Silent Breath (Tih vdih), which he both wrote and directed, premiered at the MGL Ljubljana City Theatre in 2018. In 2019 he worked on a stage adaptation of Katja Perat’s novel The Masochist (Mazohistka).