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Goga Publishing in Sharjah

In November 2021, Goga Publishing took part in the Publishers Conference in Sharjah. The well-established publishing conference, loved by many for its flawless organization, cultural diversity, and, finally, the generous translation grant, traditionally takes place just before the Sharjah International Book Fair.

This year, around 450 publishing professionals attended the conference, while the book fair itself – in its 40th edition – is reported to have brought together more than 1600 publishers from 83 countries exhibiting 15 million books, which includes 1.3 million unique titles, thus supposedly becoming the largest book in the world.

The panel discussions hosted several distinguished guests, including Bodour Al Qasimi, current president of the International Publishers Association. The topics covered included strategies for overcoming the challenges publishing has faced because of the pandemic, the importance of independent publishers, as well as creating a space for a renaissance of indigenous stories from African writers within the context of cultural globalization.

Goga Publishing, leading the Reading Balkans project, was particularly pleased to meet other publishers from the region.

See you soon in Vienna, Rome, and Istanbul (fellowship applications are now open)!


Goga Publishing’s desk

Andrej Hočevar and Filip Batkoski (Bata Press)

… with Nenad Šaponja (Agora)

… with Nevena Milojević (Laguna)

… and with Neva Saravija (Čigoja štampa)