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Pa čeprav buldožer

Even If a Bulldozer

This is a novel about human nature and technology, literature and facts, in which reality and imagination are dangerously mixed.

Year of publication: 2022
No. of pages: 436
Dimensions: 13 × 20 cm

After recovering from alcoholism, Gena Kalan, a writer with a wife and a teenage son, is offered a new work challenge: with the help of a former classmate, he gets a job at a technology company, where he is supposed to develop artificially intelligent characters for a virtual reality program in which games and movies of the future will take place. He doesn’t use the opportunity to create action heroes, but understands it as an opportunity for introspection. By recreating some of the characters from his past that he hurt in real life – including his wife – he tries to clarify what kind of character he really is. An artist of words who has always had an easier time dealing with fictional characters than with real people. But everything gets complicated when a mysterious avatar begins to invade virtual reality, harassing his characters with strange questions and confessions…
This is a novel about human nature and technology, literature and facts, in which reality and imagination are mixed.

Andrej E

Andrej E. Skubic

Andrej E. Skubic (1967) is a writer, translator and linguist. He translates from Irish, Scottish, American, African and Croatian literature. In 2007, he received the Sovret Award for his translations of Gertrude Stein’s Čitanke and James Kelman’s novel Kako pozno, pozno je bilo. In 2000, he received the kresnik award for the best debut novel Grenki med. For the novel Koliko si moja? he received not just kresnik award but also the Prešeren Foundation award. He is the author of three dramatic texts: Neskončni šteti dnevi, Pavla nad prepadom in Hura, Nosferatu.

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