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Svinjske nogice

Pig's Feet

Kresnik award winner

Svinjske nogice (2009) is the first novel and literary debut of writer, journalist, columnist, biographer and alpinist Tadej Golob. In 2010, the author received the Kresnik award for the novel.

Dimensions: 13x20
Year of publication: 2019
No. of pages: 271

What happens when a friend entrusts a (yet) unsuccessful cartoonist of erotic comics with a gun and a bag of cocaine? Jani Bevek, the choleric but loving father of three-year-old Simon and the husband of the patient Maja, is captured by a carousel of everyday, as well as completely surreal adventures, until the predictably unpredictable end.

Tadej Golob (foto: Boštjan Pucelj)

Tadej Golob

Tadej Golob (1967) is one of the most unique Slovene authors with thematically very diverse scope of works. He appeared among the writers with a book Z Everesta (From Everest) (2000) where he describes Dave Karničar’s skiing from the highest mountain of the world, a mountain that the writer also ascended, and continues with biographies of Peter Vilfan (2004), Zoran Predin (2009) and Goran Dragic (2015), with novels for youth Zlati zob (Gold tooth) (2011) and Kam je izginila Brina? (Where did Brina disappear?) (2013), and with novels for adults Svinjske nogice (Pig’s feet) (Kresnik award 2010 for best novel) and Ali boma ye! (nomination for Kresnik award 2014). Jezero (Lake) (2016) is his first crime novel.

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