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Andraž Rožman (foto: Boštjan Pucelj)

Andraž Rožman

Slovenian writer Andraž Rožman usually writes about marginalized people. He holds a degree in Journalism from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana and he worked as a journalist for more than 15 years. He has published his first literary nonfiction book Three Memories – between Haifa, Aleppo and Ljubljana (publisher Goga, 2019), it is a story about Syrian-Palestinian poet and publisher, with whom Andraž became close friends. Three Memories were nominated for the prize Kresnik, the Slovenian novel of the year. He has published a novel titled Tito’s son in 2022 (Goga). It is a story of mental health, psychiatric institutions, deinstitutionalisation, hearing voices, psychoanalysis, homelessness… He is strongly connected to alternative public spaces of Ljubljana.

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