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Kraj, kjer se izpolnijo vse vaše želje

The Place Where All Your Wishes Come True

There is a place where all hidden desires can come true.
But at what cost?

Year of publication: 2021
Dimensions: 13 × 20 cm
No. of pages: 344

The scene of the novel is a small Slovenian town, trapped between snow-covered mountains – a place that is everywhere and nowhere at the same time, so far, yet so close.
As in many other places, the financial crisis left visible consequences and strained relations between the population. Those who could, therefore, went abroad to seek their fortune; the rest circulate between home, the inn and work in a factory for sewing car covers, which is hardly competing with cheaper foreign products. But when it seems that the end will not see better days, the unexpected happens: an idea of biblical proportions that could redeem the entire community in exchange for a (symbolic?) sacrifice…
The novel describes the break between two generations: the one that invested in real estate and the one that believes in the symbolic capital of instant fame. Both are ready to put their humanity on the line in order to achieve their own goals.

Miha Mazzini (foto: Boštjan Pucelj)

Miha Mazzini

Miha Mazzini has published nine literary books and seven manuals, four of his scripts were turned into films, two of which he directed himself. He has received severa awards for his work: Slovene Novel of the Year award for Drobtinice, Zlata ptica awards for exceptional artistic achievements, CIRCOM award for the best European television film, …