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Greed is the latest collection of short stories by Miha Mazzini, a master of the genre in which he can boast numerous international publications and awards, among others the prestigious Pushcart Prize. He is also known as a novelist, a young adult fiction writer, screenwriter, director and the most popular Slovene columnist.

Dimensions: 13 x 20
Year of publication: 2018
No. of pages: 162

About the Book

A successful businesswoman becomes involved with a younger man, a talented musician, but there is something that constantly bothers her – what are his motives? What does he want from her? She knows very well that what makes the world turn round is sheer greed – no meal, even if just a plate of lentil soup, is free. But greed is not a single thing, there are various forms of greed; people’s motives vary and what drives us often remains an elusive mystery. In a highly technicized world where humans are slowly being replaced by machines, long more intelligent than us in many aspects, true self-reliance is rare and ways of fighting for one’s place in society resolute. Our routine is only seemingly structured and settled, even a tiny slip can open up an abyss of chaos.

Miha Mazzini (foto: Boštjan Pucelj)

Miha Mazzini

Miha Mazzini has published nine literary books and seven manuals, four of his scripts were turned into films, two of which he directed himself. He has received severa awards for his work: Slovene Novel of the Year award for Drobtinice, Zlata ptica awards for exceptional artistic achievements, CIRCOM award for the best European television film, …