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A si lahko vsaj enkrat tiho

Can You For Once Shut Up

About the fact that we should not be silent and that “some things simply have to be done because it is the right thing to do. And because no one will do them for us.”

Year of publication: 2022
No. of pages: 264
Dimensions: 16 x 23,5

This book is a peculiar autobiography of Ivana Djilas, with essay stories and family photos, captured by the sensitive eye of Peter Uhan. This is also a biography of the world we live in, as the writer uses real stories, to reflect on a wide variety of social phenomena.
With the dramaturgically polished, humorous writing, we feel as if we are debating with the author on the sofa in the living room about women, emigrants, citizenship, politics, theater, parenting, children, prejudice, epidemic, feminism, tear gas, abuse, optimism, failure and especially about courage.


Ivana Djilas

Ivana Djilas (1976) is a theater director, writer and publicist. She wrote the high-profile novel The House and a peculiar collection of autobiographical essay stories entitled Can you be quiet at least once. She is an immigrant who has been living in Slovenia since 1999. An artist, a woman with a career, a feminist, a failed doctoral student, a precarious worker, a holder of a master’s degree and a recipient of an award from the Association of Dramatic Artists of Slovenia, a novelist, the owner of an apartment and a loan. Occasionally, she would like to be an activist. She is still married for the first time, is the mother of an adopted black child and the mother of a child with special needs. She is loud, hyperactive, tired, overweight, stubborn, principled and sensitive. She is only brave when she is forced to be.