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Česar ne moreš povedati frizerki

Things You Can't Tell Your Hairdresser

Agata Tomažič’s stories are the real deal – firm, solid, with a remarkably rich and occasionally very poetic language. They make a reader pause and listen, curious about how they’ll end. They say there’s no heaven for bored readers, but there most certainly is one for content ones.

Irena Štaudohar

Dimensions: 13 x 20 cm
Year of publication: 2015
No. of pages: 205

About the Book

Česar ne moreš povedati frizerki (Things You Can’t Tell Your Hairdresser) is Agata Tomažič’s first short story collection. The author is best known to the public for her work at Delo newspaper. The heroes of her stories seem completely ordinary people to whom nothing extraordinary ever happens, until… the arrogant yuppie starts turning into a frog; the forty-year-old mama’s boy striving to calculate the highest prime number falls in love with a young coworker; a widow finds a long forgotten mobile phone belonging to her deceased husband.

Agata Tomažič

Agata Tadeja Tomažič (1977, Ljubljana) studied French at the Faculty of Arts and Journalism at the Faculty of Social Studies. She’s been working for Delo newspaper since 2001. Besides translating from English and French, she writes, bakes, bikes and is secretly a reading group enthusiast.