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Pianistov dotik

The Touch of the Pianist

Playing piano, as all music, is not a mechanical action, it’s life at work. Our bodies, yes, just this body here, your body, is the greatest example of them all.

Rights sold: Austria, Italy

Dimensions: 13 x 20 cm
Year of publication: 2015
No. of pages: 186

About the Book

Gabrijel Goldman is, by name and by life, suspiciously similar to famous Canadian pianist Glenn Gould. We find him in a New York hospital following a mysterious event that causes him to develop a phobia of touch. Is it the fault of unrequited love, denial of loving touch, or the mechanical beat of player pianos, which threatens to take the soul out of music? The present in the hospital in entwined with the prologue about an eccentric Wunderkind turned obsessive genius. The book unfolds like pomegranate: a grain of bundesroman and philosophical novel, along with emotional and poetic love story, powerful descriptions of non-verbal art – music … and all of it connected with rich, playful language, reminiscent of linguistic masters such as Vladimir Nabokov.

Mirt Komel (foto: Boštjan Pucelj)

Mirt Komel

Mirt Komel, born in Nova Gorica in 1980, is a writer and philosopher curretly working as a lecturer at the Facult of Social Sciences and Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. He is the author of many scientific publications, monographies “Poskus nekega dotika” (‘Attempt at a Touch’), “Sokratski dotiki”, “Giljotina duha”, “Twin Peaks in postmodernizem”.
He is also author of many literary works. Both of his novels Pianistov dotik (2015) and Medsočje (2018) were nominated for literary award Kresnik and were among best ten novels published in Slovenia in the year of its publication,