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Let’s Sink Iceland!

A droll band of jolly characters embarks on an absurd mission that will secure their town’s place in history by sinking a whole country to the bottom of the ocean.

Dimensions: 13 × 20 cm
Year of publication: 2021
No. of pages: 224

About the Book

Life seems simple in a tiny town somewhere in the Netherlands: just the usual plots, schemes, and petty acts of corruption, that are quickly forgotten. When news of the financial crisis on Iceland reaches the town, people are frustrated (for they themselves had invested) and appalled (for they of course pretend to be morally correct citizens). In a sudden strike of inspiration, the town’s politicians from opposing parties decide to embark on a joint mission that will at once teach Iceland a lesson, restore the townsfolk’s reputation, and attract wide publicity. After all, having lost its sense of direction, the old continent is desperate for great deeds by the common man. So the politicians’ ingenious plan is simple: get a boat and fire a torpedo that will sink Iceland once and for all. Finally, the town will get its place on the map of the world – even if at the expense of another country.

In the end, this quirky novel, in which one misadventure follows another, rich with all sorts of colorful, crazy characters, is indeed a parable of contemporary society. One that can break any minute. And if the world needs to end, why not make it a farce? That way, at least it will be funny.

Boris Kolar