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Kronika pozabljanja

A Chronicle of Forgetting

‘The body is old and weak, but the heart yet feels and the brain yet shines: do something good for others, be humane, dare to love, and allow to be loved. Though in dreams, though in delusions, though at the final closing of eyelids. Sebastijan Pregelj’s novel addresses the final events with a light that inspires and awakens. Do what you must do, do it now, else you too will be written into The Chronicle of Forgetting.’

Manca Košir

Rights sold: Croatia

Dimensions: 13 x 20 cm
Year of publication: 2014
No. of pages: 184

About the Book

The old man in the retirement community gets up early every morning to see the sun rise. Life begins anew, the world comes alive, and memories come alive with it. Each morning they are slightly different – the world of the novel is ruled by dementia. The sometimes tense, sometimes romantic stories may be real or caused by hallucinations, but they’re always set against the backdrop of silence, of the great mystery that awaits beyond death. Through his writing, Sebastijan Pregelj has led us into incredible, fantastic worlds before, often removed in history, once even in outer space, but the most incredible world can be found among the brain folds of every human being.

Sebastijan Pregelj (foto: Boštjan Pucelj)

Sebastijan Pregelj

Sebastijan Pregelj was born in Ljubljana in 1970. He’s been publishing stories in literary publications since 1992. His first novel, Burkači, skrunilci in krivoprisežniki, was published in 1996, followed by a short story collection. His work was included in the Čas kratke zgodbe anthology, which was translated into German and Czech. He loves and works in Ljubljana and is a member of the Slovene Writer’s Association.