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The Doors of No Return

Some Poems from The Doors of No Return

The strongest bond is not with the living, but with the dead. We are their heirs, unserious, irresponsible, playful,
running barefoot on the dewy grass.

Boris A. Novak (foto: Boštjan Pucelj)

The Translating Turn for The Doors of No Return

I have been translating my poems into English already for decades, but the effort to translate my epic The Doors of No Return has become an obsession, a madness quite similar to writing those 45,000 verses.

Michael Biggins

Readers Anywhere Should Have No Problem at All Letting Themselves Be Drawn into the Varied World That Novak Has Created

“As a reader, I am simply in awe of what Novak has been able to create in this work. Awed by its vast scope, by thevariety yet overall cohesiveness of its many subplots, by the granularity of evocative detail presented in its countless episodes, and by how aptly all of this has been captured in one or another verse form by turns, where style and substance go together so well they seem almost effortless.”